Thursday, May 19, 2016

New (old) boat Chrysler Lone Star 13

As I plan to do a complete restoration of the Lido 14, I need something to sail in the meantime (same ole story). So I just bought a Chrysler Lone Star 13. The fitting that connects the rudder to the tiller was trashed but I have the new plywood pieces cut out and ready for laminating, shaping and mounting. Should finish that this weekend. Tempe Town Lake is reopening so I would like to get back on the water in a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lido 14 out - Classic Marine 10 in & out - Lido 14 in !

Its been a year since my last post so I thought I'd catch up to date here. The Lido 14 I bought with the dagger board keel was sailed a few times and sailed just fine, a couple times on Tempe Town Lake and a couple times on Lake Pleasant north of Phoenix.

Video:        Lido 14 Sailing Lake Pleasant, AZ

Then I found a sweet little Classic Marine 10' Cat rigged dinghy. It didn't have a trailer so it was delivered in the back of a pickup truck. I bought a trailer that was originally a catamaran trailer and adapted it for the dinghy. I did a lot of work on it including a new axle with 13" wheels. The small 10' was just too small so I let it go and sold it to a girl in Flagstaff.

By the way, I wrecked the 2006 Porsche Cayenne (with no trailer hitch) and have replaced it with a 2005 Porsche Cayenne with a hitch.

Then I found another Lido 14 with the centerboard keel all in tact so I sold the other Lido 14 (dagger board keel) to the guy that sailed with me in the video.

So now the restoration of the current Lido 14 begins. The outside of the hull is a mess. a patch of fiberglass was peeling off so I ground it off and it turns out the hull had a crack in it. Instead of repairing the crack, a load of resin and cloth was layered over the crack. Due to the constant flexing of the crack, the patch just started to peel off the hull. That's up to date. I will cut the crack out and reconstitute the integrity of the hull. Then I will sand down the hull and prepare it for possible glass work and new paint.

OK, as you can see, I cut out the crack and put a patch over the outside of the hull. I had planned to build up the thickness of the hull with matt followed by a layer of cloth. But after a couple weeks of thinking about it, I knew this was the quick and not so correct way to patch the hull. So I cut out the patch and started again. This time I planned to put a patch on the inside first. But I could not access the inside of the hull. So I had to fabricate a flexible patch to be inserted through the hole. This is what I did.

I laid down overlapping strips of clear packing tape on the relatively flat part of the hull just ahead of the stern. Then I laid down a piece of cloth about 1 1/2" larger than the hole. I covered it with resin and allowed it to cure. It yielded the perfect patch but too thin and flexible. So I repeated the process, this time adding one layer of matt. The patch was strong enough yet flexible enough to get it through the hole.

So, I drilled 4, 1/4 inch holes in the patch, threaded contractor's string line through them, bent the patch and forced it through the hole in the hull, smeared thickened resin all around the edge of the patch and pulled it tight against the inner hull with the string. The thickened resin pressed against the hull and spread out to make a good seal. Then, with a stick across the hole on the outside of the hull, I tied off the string line, securing the inner patch against the inner hull. 

Now, I started building up the hole from the outside using the inner patch as a foundation. It now only remains to be sanded, spread with bondo filler and sanded down again prior to paint (after the rest of the hull has been stripped and sanded as well). 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another boat out, Another boat in !!!

I managed to sell my Lido 14 in September last year (2014). I had seller's remorse almost right away. But the guy I sold it to finished it off (mast & rigging, keel, tiller/rudder. etc.) In fact I was going to buy it back from him but he sold it to someone else the intended day of delivery.

So I decided to buy a small dinghy that was sail ready and needed little or no work. I bought a 14' homemade plywood cat rigged boat on a trailer for $500. When it was delivered (I still don't have a trailer hitch installed yet), I found it to be a real mess. The hull was constructed very well but the glass & paint job was absolutely terrible. The sail was a brand new (used only a few times) Hobie Kayak sail - $400. I intended to make a proper mast & sail so I sold the sail to a guy from Flagstaff for $200 that had come down to Phoenix to buy a second kayak for his wife. Then I built a rack on casters from my old dog kennel panels, flipped the hull upside down onto it and started to sand.

This endeavor lasted about a couple months and I just got tired of it. So, I found and bought another Lido 14 in Tempe, AZ. It is in pretty good shape and I think I can sail it for this spring & summer and perhaps start restoration next winter. The center board keel is missing and a dagger board keel is in it's place. That will work for now. 

I just sold the wooden boat & trailer for $100..................................

Lido 14

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Keel Trunk Construction all but finished - Boat now For Sale

After more than a year of sitting, I have all but finished the Keel Trunk construction. Due to unforeseen circumstances (LIFE !!!), I am putting this boat up for sale. I am looking for a 20 - 22 foot day sailboat that is ready to sail. Here are the final pics of the Keel Trunk and a list of the history of this boat blog posts. Fair Winds & Following Seas to you my friends!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Keel Trunk Reconstruction

Cleaned up the keel trunk with a hand grinder and a 60 grit sanding disc. The old wooden side supports have a cut out to accommodate the half tube built into the side of the keel trunk. I am going to replace the wood with red oak and eliminate the cut out so I had to cut out the half tube in the side of the keel trunk and rebuild it flat. The top flange in the keel trunk was pretty bad so I am rebuilding that as well. Then will lay a couple layers of glass mat, replace the trunk cap and finish off with a red oak strip along the top.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Home for Red Boat

The Red Boat has found a new home! My previous boss has 3 boys and had no boat so.....

I gave him the Red Boat. He came over with his dad, his oldest son and his son's friend one Saturday and hauled it away. About a week later he sent me a pic of the two boys working on the deck (watched over by girl!). Just waiting now to hear they are ready for a sailing lesson when the boat has been refinished.   Fair winds and following seas boys!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Boat.......Sure Why Not?

I have a friend that has a MacGregor 26 and keeps it at Lake Pleasant here in Arizona. He is moving to Rocky Point, Mexico so I went over to visit. Apparently he had bought a home made 15 foot sailboat a couple months ago and now doesn't have the time or space to mess with it. So............I hauled it home and looks like a boat yard in front of my house.
It is ready to sail but needs some upgrades so I am considering making some changes. It has a heavy steel keel that is screwed into the boat with lag screws. (I have replaced those with bolts & nuts). I had a friend do some sail repair and, after buying a year's permit from the City of Tempe, I have had it on the water in Tempe Town Lake twice. It will actually sail in nothing but a breath of air and has a very responsive rudder. The trailer was custom made for this boat and has permanet AZ Tags. The boat itself is registered with the State of Arizona Fish & Game but I have removed the Reg. numbers as, not having a motor, it needs no such reg.

It is time now to get it out of my driveway so I am listing it on Craigslist tonight.

If I was to keep it, I would do the following upgrades:

Since the interior was left raw wood, it got damp/wet, the wood expanded, and entire deck resin/paint cracked. I would belt sand the entire deck, fill and refinish.

It has no "floatation chambers and I would consider, either intertubes fore and aft or bulkheads fore and aft.

I have removed the shrouds (side mast stays) as the mast goes through a hole in the deck and seats (is stepped) on the keel. The Mast doesn't need side shrouds to stay upright at all. 

I would also spray the interior with white polyurethane and build a slat floor to keep from walking on the hull.

Also there is no cockpit drain but I have the hardware to install for the boat.

It would be perfect for a project boat as, being made of plywood, it is easy to work on AND it will sail now. 

                                                                        Looking Aft
                                                                      Looking Forward

                                                                       Deck Cracking



                                                               Checking Standing Rigging

                                                           New Keel Bolts w/ Chain Plate