Sunday, September 21, 2014

Keel Trunk Construction all but finished - Boat now For Sale

After more than a year of sitting, I have all but finished the Keel Trunk construction. Due to unforeseen circumstances (LIFE !!!), I am putting this boat up for sale. I am looking for a 20 - 22 foot day sailboat that is ready to sail. Here are the final pics of the Keel Trunk and a list of the history of this boat blog posts. Fair Winds & Following Seas to you my friends!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Keel Trunk Reconstruction

Cleaned up the keel trunk with a hand grinder and a 60 grit sanding disc. The old wooden side supports have a cut out to accommodate the half tube built into the side of the keel trunk. I am going to replace the wood with red oak and eliminate the cut out so I had to cut out the half tube in the side of the keel trunk and rebuild it flat. The top flange in the keel trunk was pretty bad so I am rebuilding that as well. Then will lay a couple layers of glass mat, replace the trunk cap and finish off with a red oak strip along the top.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Home for Red Boat

The Red Boat has found a new home! My previous boss has 3 boys and had no boat so.....

I gave him the Red Boat. He came over with his dad, his oldest son and his son's friend one Saturday and hauled it away. About a week later he sent me a pic of the two boys working on the deck (watched over by girl!). Just waiting now to hear they are ready for a sailing lesson when the boat has been refinished.   Fair winds and following seas boys!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Boat.......Sure Why Not?

I have a friend that has a MacGregor 26 and keeps it at Lake Pleasant here in Arizona. He is moving to Rocky Point, Mexico so I went over to visit. Apparently he had bought a home made 15 foot sailboat a couple months ago and now doesn't have the time or space to mess with it. So............I hauled it home and looks like a boat yard in front of my house.
It is ready to sail but needs some upgrades so I am considering making some changes. It has a heavy steel keel that is screwed into the boat with lag screws. (I have replaced those with bolts & nuts). I had a friend do some sail repair and, after buying a year's permit from the City of Tempe, I have had it on the water in Tempe Town Lake twice. It will actually sail in nothing but a breath of air and has a very responsive rudder. The trailer was custom made for this boat and has permanet AZ Tags. The boat itself is registered with the State of Arizona Fish & Game but I have removed the Reg. numbers as, not having a motor, it needs no such reg.

It is time now to get it out of my driveway so I am listing it on Craigslist tonight.

If I was to keep it, I would do the following upgrades:

Since the interior was left raw wood, it got damp/wet, the wood expanded, and entire deck resin/paint cracked. I would belt sand the entire deck, fill and refinish.

It has no "floatation chambers and I would consider, either intertubes fore and aft or bulkheads fore and aft.

I have removed the shrouds (side mast stays) as the mast goes through a hole in the deck and seats (is stepped) on the keel. The Mast doesn't need side shrouds to stay upright at all. 

I would also spray the interior with white polyurethane and build a slat floor to keep from walking on the hull.

Also there is no cockpit drain but I have the hardware to install for the boat.

It would be perfect for a project boat as, being made of plywood, it is easy to work on AND it will sail now. 

                                                                        Looking Aft
                                                                      Looking Forward

                                                                       Deck Cracking



                                                               Checking Standing Rigging

                                                           New Keel Bolts w/ Chain Plate

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keel Trunk

Admitting I can't leave well enough alone, I have decided to refurbish the Keel Trunk. I realize that I am still working on the cockpit details and will up date the previous post as I progress. I have removed the top of the Keel Trunk and after cleaning up the fiberglass top and re- fixing to the trunk, I will replace the wood top and side panels. Here is the trunk disassembled.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the Cockpit

Time to start on the cockpit. Not much to do here really but some definite changes.

First, the shrouds go through the gunnel and fix to brackets that are fixed to the front side of the seats. This is obviously to assimilate the strapping in larger boats that are fixed to the hull. Seems like a logical choice but I see no reason, with additional bracing, the shrouds couldn't be fixed to the gunnels themselves. So that is what I intend to do.

                         Original through gunnel hole bracket with the aluminum backing plate (now filled with thickened resin and painted over).

                            Bracket fixed to front of seat directly below hole bracket in gunnel.

Will post pics of under gunnel reinforcement when built........................................................

Second, I am cleaning up the Keel Trunk brackets. Will cut back 0.2 feet from deck/trunk join. Will reinforce with thickened resin as a filet.

Will post pics when finished.............................................................................................

Third, after having cut the glass on the transom looking for the hull # (see previous post), I was left with a area of the transom that was depressed to the wood. So I layered Matt into the gap. You can see where there is one layer and where there are two or three layers. Finished off with 2 coats of resin. Needs only a light sanding and is ready for paint.

Will continue to post pics as various parts progress.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Deck & Gunnels

With the help of some friends, the hull has been flipped back over right side up (see previous post video - "The Hull", June 10, 2012). Now I can finish off the deck, gunnels and the inside. So I am approaching the deck and gunnels first. There is not too much to do but there are some important aspects. You can see that the jib sheet rigging has been changed from the original set up. I am not sure just why but the rigging crosses over the through way next to the centerboard trunk and restricts movement in the boat. I intend to move the jib sheet cleats back to the gunnels. There are several positions that can achieve this. I am not sure just where the fairings and cleats will be positioned but first things first, I have to prepare the deck for painting and the gunnels for affixing the fairings, cleats and paint. The gunnels were also fixed to the transom with metal "L" brackets. I intend to support this join with glass cloth & resin, inside and out, eliminating any bolts & nuts in that area.

BTW: work is limited to early mornings (95 degrees F) now that the average temp is over 110 degrees F this time of year in Phoenix, AZ. In the very cold parts of the country, you may stay inside in the dead of winter. Here we do the same in the dead of summer! Dry heat doesn't help at 115 degrees!

                                Existing Jib Sheet rigging on the left, proposed (original) on the right.

                                                             Gunnel to Transom join:

Labor Day weekend is here and I am determined to finish the deck and gunnels to the stage of being painted. Even from all I have read, I still do not have a clear understanding of Gel Coat. Assuming that it is just a layer of colored resin, I decided to "fix" the cracks in the top layer of the deck with the following steps. I gave the entire deck and gunnels a reasonable sand with 60 grit on my palm sander. Then I used West Marine Resin thickened with 403 filler, just to the point it would still brush on, to coat all the areas with spider cracks. When that set as a base, I brushed on another coat of resin but this time with no thickening agent. When that sets up I will sand with 60 grit followed by 220 grit. Then I will paint.................

                                             Two coats on and one more to go...................